Monday, October 11, 2010

Pop Chips Giveaway!

So I wanted to take a picture for you, food blogger style, of all the adorable little bags of chips lined up on my spotless counter with a hand-thrown ceramic bowl of fruit artfully arranged in the background but after the kids and I got to them, this was all that was left:

One sad, empty bag left all by its lonesome. I believe there were six flavors when we started. Those suckers go down easy. In addition to being tasty, the whole bag is only 100 calories and has no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or freaky fats. As far as chips go - and it did crunch exactly like a regular chip - these babies get the gold medal.

Still. They will never top a Nerds Blizzard for me. I'm sorry but no salty snack will ever come between me and my ice cream filled with sour crunchy candy.

To win a whole box of Pop Chips plus a cool little chip clippy thing, just leave me a comment on this post telling me if you are a savory or sweet snacker. Or if you're a non-snacker and are offended at the way you were cruelly taunted. I'll try to pick the winner in a timely manner this time! Contest closes Friday at midnight.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

True Lemon Contest [c losed]

Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is to fill a quart-sized Mason jar with water, a couple of random herbal-tea bags and heat it up. I take sips off of it all morning until, by the time I leave for the gym, it's empty. Take that, puce pee! But all that flavored water gets a little boring day after day and, being as I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners nor do I want to start off my day with a bucket-o-sugar, I've been stumped as how to mix up my morning mocktail.

Charlotte confession #485b: I licked lemons as a child. And I liked it. True, it's not as bad as paint chips but my dentist still shudders at the sorry state of my enamel. I just love sour, tangy flavors! But I also am too lazy and negligent in the produce department to keep lemons, limes or oranges on hand without them molding. Enter True Lemon (and True Lime and True Orange):

These little packets - one packet = one citrus wedge - are just crystallized fruit, nothing else. So this morning I added a packet of lime to my mint herbal tea and got a Mormon Mojito! Delish! From there I got creative with my little packets. I sprinkled lemon crystals on my fish, added orange crystals to my whole wheat banana muffins, and brought out the lime ones for - are you ready for this? - sticking on Jelly Bean's tongue! It is one of the unadvertised perks of parenting that you get to introduce these brand-new humans to their first tastes of, well, everything and then watch the hilarious faces they make. Oh sure, some people start their kids off on peaches or rice cereal or whatever. Wusses. Our kids get pickle juice, salsa (mild - we're not sadists), creamed spinach, curried hummus and, yes, lemons. Best. Friday. Night. Ever.

Charlotte confession #485c: I am a sucker for frozen lemonade. While I normally try to avoid artificial sweeteners, everyone's got to have a vice and mine's drink mix. Every night during the warm months, I fill my Mason jar with water, ice and a packet of 5-calorie drink mix that have been regurgitated by my Vita-Mix (a.k.a. the blender your blender wishes it smells like). Hawaiian Punch, Grape-Ade, Cherry Blast and other totally grown-up flavors often stain my lips but my all-time favorite is lemonade. The problem with drink-mix lemonade (I'm looking at you, Crystal Light) is that it tastes nothing like real lemonade. And I'm far too lazy to make lemonade from scratch. (Did you know it requires cooking?! Found that out the hard way when the kids asked why there was sand in their sour water.) But True Lemon's lemonade mix is divine. It tastes like actual lemons plus it has Stevia in it which, to my research-addled brain, is the least offensive of the calorie-free sweeteners.

My only complaint about the product is that there's a ton of excess packaging. The box is maybe 1/4 full? Just seems like a waste of cardboard but then I'm not a marketing person so what do I know? Also, why no true grapefruit?? Can I suggest that for the next flavor?

Want to try some yourself? Every single one of you can get a box for free! (I was going to write I feel almost Oprah-esque but then she had to go and give away trips to Australia to everyone and nobody is ever going to beat that. Ever.) All you have to do to claim your free box is UPDATE: go to their site and fill out this short form and they'll send you a coupons and free samples True Citrus products! FREE. Don't forget to follow them on Twitter and/or like them on Facebook for more opportunities. Also, leave a comment here and three of you (via the random number generator) will win the whole True Citrus product line!*

So tell me, do you hydrate during your workout? What is your preferred beverage? How do you feel about artificial sweeteners? Anyone want to tell me what color they'd describe their pee as?

*Thank you all so much for your helpful comments and opinions on my giveaway poll. Thanks to your responses I've decided to keep doing the giveaways (obviously) but to just stick to items that I really like and can get behind.