Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Yes, I fantasize flouncing around Paris in a non-jelly-stained white dress. What - like you're actually counting reps or something? That's what I have Gym Buddies for. They count to 75 while I blather on about how my 3-year-old has lost 4 pairs of shoes this month (seriously!), our soft water makes my hair too soft and healthy, oh and in my next life I want to come back as a sexy secretary.Would I not rock this dress?

I mean, why else practice yoga if not so I could stand in a fabulous little frock like this without ending up in the drink (giving "boat pose" a whole new meaning)?

And all that core work will come in handy the next time I sit leisurely on the beach in my retro swimwear and fabbo huuuuge hat and earrings (I know, you can't swim in that getup but if you saw the lakes here you'd be happy on your beach blanket too):

Thanks to Shabby Apple, women's clothing company and dress makers extraordinaire, my fantasies are a little closer to reality. Not only do all of these fabulous dresses (and swimsuit) come from them but they also have a new line of women's fitness apparel. They sent me this adorbs firefly workout skirt (free) to try out:

Not being leggy and ultra-thin like their model here, I was a little worried about how form fitting the skirt was but after texting pics to all the girls the verdict was that the skirt was super cute. Indeed, Turbo Jennie said it was by far her fave of all my workout skirts. (Yes I own multiple workout skirts. You can plan the intervention later.)

I cropped it because I snapped this pic post-workout in just my sports bra - Gym Buddy Megan accused me of sexting her and frankly this is as close as I'm ever going to come so I hope she enjoyed it - and you don't need to see that. Also, my bathroom was really really messy. Pretend I'm standing in a field of flowers, basking in the sunshine and staring off into the middle distance whilst stretching my quad.

After running, lifting weights and kickboxing in it, I have to say I agree with Jennie. I love this skirt! First: See that nice wide non-muffin-top-making waistband? Their site says you can fold it down to show off your killer abs or leave it up to snug in your mummy tummy. Obviously I chose the latter and by golly it worked! Second: It comes with attached under-shorts and unlike every other pair of attached undershorts I've worn, these are nice and long! They hit under the fatty bulge at the top of my thigh rather than strangling it (I'm looking at you Adidas). My only complaint about the skirt is that the shorts are made of the same nubby fabric as the skirt so the skirt tends to ride up a little bit.

Want one for yourself? Shabby Apple is offering a free skirt to one GFE reader! Don't like to be as super-girly as I am? The winner can pick the Firefly Pose Skirt, the Goddess Pose Tank, King Dancer sports bra, or the Side Pose Crow shorts. To enter, leave me a comment on my original post telling me your fave item on the Shabby Apple site (and yes you can pick a dress to love on!). If you find something you love, GFE readers get 10% off your whole order for the next 30 days using the code Fitnessexperiment10off