Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dick's Sporting Goods $50 Giftcard Giveaway

Dick's Sporting Goods is looking for fit-minded folk to be on its Starting Lineup Panel. This group gets to try out new fitness stuff. To be eligible to win the $50 gift card:

1. Send a tweet to @dickssportcmo with my Twitter name @CharlotteGFE telling them why you think I should be chosen. (sample tweet: @dickssportcmo I nominate @CharlotteGFE for the #startinglineup because she can't keep going to the gym panstless" - feel free to copy and paste that!) Leave me a comment on my original post simply saying "I Tweeted!" for one entry.

2. For a second entry, leave me a comment on my original post telling me what you would spend the $50 on. (example: I want skirtapris too so I can be just like Charlotte!)

3. For a third entry, tweet the link to my giveaway post or post the link on your blog! (Make sure and leave me a comment on the original post telling me you've done it!)

This contest will run for 1 week. The winner will be announced Monday March 17th!

PS> If you want to run for the Starting Lineup too, I'll totally vote for you as well! Yes, I realize that decreases my chances of getting on but I'm all about sharing the love with you guys:)